Delivery Optionsand Pricing

South Georgia Cargo Sales has proudly partnered with Swift Transport to ensure that no matter where you are, we can get your new trailer to you at a very competitive rate.

The tables below show our pricing for delivery to major cities in the southern part of the US. To find out the delivery price to your city:

  • Go To Google Maps to find the distance from your city to 235 W Marshall Ave. Willacoochee, GA
  • Mulitply the distance given by $1.35 per mile.

Remember, there will ALWAYS be someone at South Georgia Cargo Sales standing by ready to help you if you have any questions or concerns.


Delivery Pricing To Major Cities

To Atlanta, GA
$283.00 $1.35/mile
To Orlando, FL
$333.00 $1.35/mile
To Charlotte, NC
$458.00 $1.35/mile
To Birmingham, AL
$480.00 $1.35/mile
To Charleston, SC
$360.00 $1.35/mile
To Miami, FL
$635.00 $1.35/mile
To Nashville, TN
$617.00 $1.35/mile
To New Orleans, LA
$660.00 $1.35/mile